Well, looks like you want to know who the heck i am.

My name is Cassidy, and welcome to my website.

To sum it up, I’m a 21-year-old content creator based out of Connecticut. For the past three years, I’ve taken pictures of everything from music festivals to weddings to stunning landscapes and more. When I graduated from college in May 2018, I joined the workforce, only to be extremely disappointed that I was spending my time working for someone rather than working with someone. I truly enjoyed the sense of creativity when a client would reach out to me because they wanted to work with my creative vision.

Fast forward to 2019 — I left the corporate world and currently act as a social media strategist, photographer, videographer, and business owner of a publication called The Neon Hive. What’s my secret? Never allow yourself to be bored.

Have an idea that you’re thinking about turning into reality? Think I can help?

Email me at cassidykotyla@gmail.com and let’s get to creating.